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Kaizoku no Uta

One Piece Lyrical Icon Challenge Community

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Welcome to Kaizoku no Uta, a lyrical icon challenge community featuring the manga/anime series One Piece.
Each week, starting Mondays and ending on Fridays, the mods provide song lyrics and you submit an icon according to the lyrics.
On weekends, the members are asked to vote for the best ones.

-) All submissions must be from One Piece anime or manga.
-) Fanart or Doujinshi are NOT allowed.
-) Icons must be under 40 KB.
-) You may submit two icons per week unless otherwise stated.
-) Please use at least two consecutive words from the song on your icon. You can use tiny text, but the lyrics MUST be legible.
-) Don't tell anyone which icon you made until the contest is over.
-) Don't vote for yourself!
-) Don't criticize please.
-) No hentai.
-) Your icon must be new, not lder than 7 days.
-) Don't steal! Always ask and credit if taking any icon.
-) Only take icons AFTER the contest.

Challenges are given on Sunday nights/Monday mornings. Submissions are accepted until Friday unless otherwise stated. Voting takes place over the weekend, and results are posted on Sunday.

When submitting, comment to the entry. All comments are screened. Please use the following form when entering an icon:

< IMG SRC = " " >(remove the spaces)

which looks like this:


Suggested One Piece galleries:

Ideas from tanemura_awards.
Leave a comment in the screended voting post. All votes shoul look like this:

First: 16
Second: 38
Third: 9
Special Category: 72


16, 38, 9

First place receives 3 points, second place 2 points, and third gets 1. Special categories are following:
01. Best Colour
02. Best Crop
03. Best Typing
04. Best Intepretation
05. Best Fit the Lyrics
06. Most Creative
07. Most Emotional

Each week you will be asked to vote for one of these categories. Sometimes the Mod's Choice will be chosen instead.

Week #1 xukty; banners: densetsu_icons
Week #2 densetsu_icons; banners: xukty

If you win three 1st places, your name goes to the Hall of Fame.


Want to be a co-mod? Apply here!


Want to be a bannermeker? Apply here!

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